Huawei (2020-10-28 01:37:51) RT @HuaweiCarrier: Site & data center energy infrastructures can realize the digital visualization, intelligent and automation of O&M with…

App Store (2020-10-27 23:45:36) Get ready to take on legendary villains to save the multiverse along with your favorite characters and, of course, Crash himself. Pre-order @CrashOnTheRun now:

Huawei Mobile (2020-10-27 18:45:11) We love receiving your incredible shots of mountains from across the globe 🌎 Make sure to use #CapturedOnHuawei for a chance to be featured on our channel!

App Store (2020-10-27 18:44:14) RT @AppStoreGames: Come for the free spells. Stay for spooky adventures 🎃✨. The Days of Mischief event is here in @thatskygame. Come and…

Nokia (2020-10-27 18:30:36) Base stations: what happens during their lifetime, and how are we at Nokia minimizing their overall impact on the environment? See our @AndyBurrell's thoughts: #sustainability #5G

Motorola (2020-10-27 17:00:02) Capture dark night scenes with stunning clarity & more accurate colors with Night Vision mode 🌉 on #razr5G. Also available on the Quick View Display.

App Store (2020-10-27 16:11:55) .@Adobe Illustrator is our App of the Day and it’s on iPad now! Fully optimized for touch and Apple Pencil, Illustrator is ready to capture whatever comes to your imagination 🎨🖌. Find out how you can start creating now.

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-27 16:00:01) Miért válasszunk 8K televíziót? Hogyan használjuk a SmartThings alkalmazást? Szakértőink 18 órától online élő adásban segítenek választ adni.

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-27 15:00:03) A #GalaxyNote20 széria processzorai gyors teljesítményt nyújtanak, így a felhasználók könnyebben megtapasztalhatják a zavartalan multitasking élményét. #Samsung

Nokia (2020-10-27 14:03:13) We're proud to reveal new research in conjunction with @OmdiaHQ. This is an analysis on the potential of #5G in different industrial sectors in Latin America - to understand the opportunity in the mass market and in the enterprise market. Download now:…

Huawei (2020-10-27 11:09:38) RT @KenHu_Huawei: 5G is the future of connectivity. But how will it change your business and industry? Join us for #HWMBBF on Nov 12-13. Jo…

Huawei (2020-10-27 10:49:46) How can #5G change your industry, business and the future of connectivity? Join Huawei’s @KenHu_Huawei and industry partners at #HWMBBF for the 11th consecutive year of amazing tech talks: #5GForGood

Huawei (2020-10-27 10:04:29) Watches have experienced an amazing evolution! They can improve sleep, monitor stress, remotely operate devices, check weather & moon cycles, navigate routes, and store songs & workout modes. Read more on the wonderful world of wearables. #HuaweiFacts…

Huawei Mobile (2020-10-27 10:04:11) Beautifully light. Uniquely portable. Stylishly thin. Quiet and comfortable. Now there's nothing to slow your creativity down. #HUAWEIMateBookX #LightArtistically Learn More:

Huawei Mobile (2020-10-27 10:00:22) Get to your locations easier than ever! Upgrade your navigation with gesture control 👋 and enjoy a new way to explore 🗺️ the world. #LeapFurtherAhead #HMS #HUAWEI

Huawei Mobile (2020-10-27 10:00:20) Looking for your favourite apps, news, or shopping experiences? Whatever you’re searching for, #PetalSearch puts the world in the palm of your hand. 🙌Try it today, and find whatever you need with fast and secure searches: #HUAWEI #HMS #LeapFurtherAhead

Huawei Mobile (2020-10-27 10:00:17) Psst! We’ve got just what you need to boost your productivity.😉 Browse, write and edit 50 + document formats anytime you like – with #HUAWEIDocs. 🙌 #LeapFurtherAhead #HUAWEI #HMS

Xiaomi (2020-10-27 10:00:00) Are you always in a hurry to create unique and artistic images? This is when the long exposure mode on the #Mi10TPro comes in handy. Just tap into moving crowd mode, point, and shoot. #PowerYourCreativity

Huawei (2020-10-27 09:50:23) Bali National Park becomes the latest rainforest location to utilize #Huawei #AI technology in protecting wildlife by listening out for illegal activities. #HuaweiFacts

App Store (2020-10-26 23:09:15) The @undertaker isn’t @WWESuperCard’s only Superstar to bring the fright and delight. Play the new Halloween-inspired event happening right now for more surprises:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-26 15:01:02) Belül tágasabb, kívülről ugyanakkora - megérkezett új alulfagyasztós hűtőszekrényünk SpaceMax™ technológiával. #Samsung

Nokia (2020-10-26 14:03:24) By developing powerful #5G networks, we will transform how people live, work and communicate. Our latest report combines analysis from @BellLabs, survey findings, and the input of 5G experts around the globe. Read now:

Xiaomi (2020-10-26 13:05:41) RT @aggasaurus: Hi Mi Fans, we've noticed a number of non-Xiaomi products on online trading platforms that misleadingly appropriate Xiaomi,…

Nokia (2020-10-26 11:10:46) We are very proud to work on this exciting project with @NASA.…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-26 10:16:47) Legújabb Galaxy Buds Live fülhallgatóink korlátozott ideig egyedi Misztikus Kék színben is elérhetővé válnak vállalatunk legújabb promóciójának részeként.

Xiaomi (2020-10-26 10:00:01) When was the last time you looked up at the stars? Astrophotography can be done with ease on #Mi10TPro. Just tap into star trails mode, point, and shoot. #PowerYourCreativity

Nokia (2020-10-26 09:22:57) We have been selected by SYV (Finnish Shared Network) to supply its #5G RAN equipment including deployment and managed services. The network will enable SYV to provide advanced 5G services across northern and eastern Finland.

App Store (2020-10-25 15:49:48) Take a trip to Halloween Town and collect special Nightmare Before Christmas emoji—like Dr. Finkelstein or The Mayor—in @disneyemoji. It’s a match-3 puzzler sure to give you more treats than tricks 🎃.…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-25 15:00:01) Az Osztott képernyő funkció számtalan lehetőséget kínál a kijelzők felosztására és a különböző típusú tartalmak egyidejű megjelenítésére. #QLEDTV #Samsung

Huawei Mobile (2020-10-25 10:32:02) Our amazing screen-to-body ratio. Cutting-edge image processing. Open up a new world of true colour with the new HUAWEI MateBook X. #LightArtistically Learn More:

Xiaomi (2020-10-25 10:30:00) All About Mi, a Youtuber and Mi Influencer from Mi Community, brings us his new unboxing video of the #Mi10TPro! Find out what he thinks about the photography, gaming, and other features of this new smartphone:…

App Store (2020-10-24 16:13:02) Treat yourself to three new cues with a special pre-Halloween offer and then show off all your trick shots on 8 Ball Pool™.

Xiaomi (2020-10-24 16:01:00) #ShotByMi invites you to capture a colorful world! Find out more about #ShotByMi 2020 Episode 3: Light and Shadow here:…

Huawei Mobile (2020-10-24 14:43:03) See the world reflected in brighter colours, clearer resolution and swifter motion thanks to Huawei's innovative technology. There are no borders in your imagination with the new #HUAWEIMateBookX. #LightArtistically Learn More:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-24 14:00:01) A #GalaxyNote20 széria telefonjain a dokumentumok könnyedén szerkeszthetők, a felhasználók kiemelhetik a legfontosabb részleteket, és jegyzeteiket is hozzáadhatják a Samsung Notes appon keresztül. #Samsung

Xiaomi (2020-10-24 10:30:00) Create mind-blowing images like this by using the long exposure mode on the #Mi10TPro. Just tap on neon trails mode, point, and shoot. 📸 #PowerYourCreativity

App Store (2020-10-24 01:09:39) Don't look now...but there's a Mega Gengar near you 🙀! Get into the Halloween spirit with @PokemonGoApp and their new spooktacular event. #PokemonGOHalloween

App Store (2020-10-23 20:13:03) Join in the fall festivities with cute costumes, Halloween items, and the adorable characters of Animal Crossing: @Pocket_Camp 🐶🏕. Play the update:…

App Store (2020-10-23 16:48:41) Introducing Reaper Metal Sonic 🎃 🎸! Don’t miss out on new updates and characters in Sonic Forces - Racing Battle’s limited-time event: (Sound On 🔈)

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-23 14:00:09) Legyen az közeli vagy távoli felvétel, a Professzionális Tripla Kamera segít megörökíteni a pillanatot. #GalaxyS20FE #Samsung

Nokia (2020-10-23 13:04:17) Our technology connects the world - and innovation is in our DNA. Take a look at some of the highlights in our new Innovations Gallery.

Xiaomi (2020-10-23 10:00:01) We challenged our #MiSteryBOX host @tech4allnow to try out our new camera features on the #Mi10TPro. Is he impressed? Find out now! #PowerYourCreativity

HTC (2020-10-22 23:14:29) RT @AIXRorg: Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO of HTC Corp has been announced as the winner of the ‘Accenture VR Lifetime Achievement’ award.…

App Store (2020-10-22 22:30:40) Tonight: gamers, musicians, and actors unite for the no-holds-barred League of Legends: @wildrift x @Verizon 5G Invitational played exclusively on the new iPhone 12! Details below.

HTC (2020-10-22 17:11:10) Today, @htc co-founder & CEO, Cher Wang was announced as the winner of the 'Accenture VR Lifetime Achievement' award for her innovation & dedication to pioneering the VR landscape. A well deserved win, Cher. Congratulations! @Accenture @AIXRorg @VRAwards

Xiaomi (2020-10-22 16:03:48) As a pioneer in fast charging, Xiaomi offers you many solutions. Check out this new episode of #ShousTopPicks to power up your smart devices!

Nokia (2020-10-22 15:30:46) Futurist, disruption innovation expert and contibutor to our recent report @DanielBurrus has published a blog, looking into why 5G is far bigger than faster smartphones. Read now:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-22 15:00:01) Érdekel, hogyan készítheted a legmegfelelőbb fotókat készülékeddel? Csatlakozz online élő előadásunkhoz 18 órától, kérdezz szakértőinktől, és ismerd meg a Galaxy S és a Galaxy Note széria prémium kamerafunkcióit!

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-22 14:00:04) Az Aktív zajszűrés funkció lehetővé teszi, hogy a felhasználók kizárják a zavaró tényezőket és a fontos beszélgetésekre tudjanak koncentrálni. #GalaxyBudsLive #Samsung

Nokia (2020-10-22 12:00:37) What do you really know about hackers and what makes them tick? Thinking like a hacker could unlock new strategies to reduce #security risks. Read the article for more:

Xiaomi (2020-10-22 10:00:01) Here's 5 mobile photography ideas from Thai photographer Viteetaklong, feat. our latest #Mi10TPro. 📸 Leave a comment and let us know what you want to learn from #ShootLikeAPro. #PowerYourCreativity

Nokia (2020-10-22 08:45:05) We are excited to annouce our 2020 Threat Intelligence Report. Click and read about the key findings here: #5G #Cybersecurity

Xiaomi (2020-10-22 03:19:12) RT @Qualcomm: Take in the majesty of Meili Snow Mountain National Park captured in perfect detail on a #Snapdragon 865-powered @Xiaomi Mi 1…

HTC (2020-10-21 18:24:16) RT @htcvive: Tomorrow, we will present the landmark exhibition “Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser” at @V_and_A in its first-ever VR event star…

App Store (2020-10-21 17:28:16) “Work that would have taken me five hours before took about an hour,” says best-selling children’s author and artist @jessicahische about @Adobe Illustrator. Read more about her creative process here:

Nokia (2020-10-21 16:04:56) ICYMI, last week we announced that we’ve been selected by Chunghwa Telecom to help deliver comprehensive #5G coverage, via our non-standalone (NSA) 5G small cells solutions.

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-21 14:00:02) Lépj szintet a tisztaságban! A vezeték nélküli Samsung JET porszívó segít a háztartás körül, a nagy porszívó teszt során pedig még pályázhatsz saját történeteddel, hogy kipróbálhasd és akár meg is nyerhesd a tíz JET 75 premium készülék egyikét! Jelentkezz:

Nokia (2020-10-21 11:13:50) We are looking forward to participating in the @DIGITALEUROPE event, discussing areas we should invest in to build #AStrongerDigitalEurope. Tune in at 14.00 CET.…

Xiaomi (2020-10-21 10:00:00) This time, we also tried out a very creative color on the #Mi10TLite. Rose Gold Beach. 🏖️ Let's #PowerYourCreativity with a little bit of color in your life.

Nokia (2020-10-21 09:30:23) We are proud to support @SmartNewsroom - @pldt's mobile arm - and have been selected to launch IoT services in the Philippines, via our Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) managed service.

Xiaomi (2020-10-21 08:28:16) RT @ShouZiChew: It's "Shou" time again! Have you ever experienced battery anxiety? Don't miss Episode 2 of #ShousTopPicks. You will discove…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-21 08:20:55) Reprezentatív felmérésünk lerántja a leplet a tévék titkos életéről, kiderül, hogy mi történik egy átlagos készülékkel élete során, illetve, hogy mi lesz a sorsa, ha otthagy egy háztartást.

Nokia (2020-10-21 06:50:03) Today, we are proud to announce that we've been selected by @TeliaCompany as the core supplier of #5G SA core in 6 European markets, and 5G #RAN and legacy network modernization in Finland.

Xiaomi (2020-10-21 02:12:16) RT @Daniel_in_HD: Got a @Xiaomi Mi 65W Fast Charger with Gan Tech for giveaway for fans that use EU/C type power plugs! Perfect for chargin…

HTC (2020-10-20 18:29:23) RT @htcvive: If you missed out on last night's launch of VIVE XR Suite, here are some highlights, bringing you what's next in productivity,…

App Store (2020-10-20 16:35:38) Turn your sketches into widgets, and maybe even add a background for a bit more flair, with Scribblet.

Nokia (2020-10-20 16:30:27) We're very proud that our #sustainability work has been recognized by @ecovadis and FTSE4Good Index. With an overall score of 84/100 on EcoVadis, we have been placed in the top 1%. This recognizes us in the highest possible level of Platinum.

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-20 15:00:01) Kérdezz szakértőinktől élőben 18 órától, és tudj meg többet a 2020-as JET álló porszívóinkról!

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-20 14:00:02) Hipergyors processzor, intelligens akkumulátor, 120 Hz-es kijelző és továbbfejlesztett S Pen - a #GalaxyTabS7 megváltoztatja a munka és a játék világát. #Samsung

Nokia (2020-10-20 12:45:04) We’ve teamed up with @VerizonBusiness to support its international Private #5G platform for global enterprises located in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Xiaomi (2020-10-20 10:00:00) We unboxed the #Mi10TLite - Atlantic Blue variant 😎 You'll get all the essentials, just with less plastic waste. Starting in Europe, we've committed to reducing plastic packaging by about 60%. 🌏

HTC (2020-10-20 02:28:50) We're excited to launch VIVE XR Suite, an evolution to how we collaborate and work, across any device.…

HTC (2020-10-20 01:19:37) RT @htcvive: Our #VIVEXRSuite launch event is underway. Tune into the livestream now to learn not only about its ability to enhance product…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-19 14:00:03) Kövesd kedvenc tartalmaidat a #GalaxyZFold2 összehajtható kijelzőjén, 4 hónapnyi díjmentes YouTube Premium szolgáltatás mellett! Reklámmentesség és offline lejátszás lezárt kijelzővel is, akár 5G sebességgel! További részletek:

Xiaomi (2020-10-19 10:00:00) It's our favorite time again! Let's unbox the #Mi10TPro together with @mrtnwstr on this episode of #MiSteryBOX, where he finds out all the "wow" moments he gets with this flagship device.

Xiaomi (2020-10-19 04:36:35) Want to know how fast 80W #MiWirelessChargingTechnology is? Just check out this video! Are you looking forward to this next-gen fast charging tech? #InnovationForEveryone

Xiaomi (2020-10-19 03:47:23) RT @aggasaurus: Another important breakthrough in wireless charging yet again from Xiaomi – introducing our Mi 80W Wireless Charging Techno…

Xiaomi (2020-10-19 03:04:31) 80W! This is the 3rd breakthrough made by the Xiaomi wireless charging team this year, and we're setting another industry-leading standard again! With this, we believe that the era where wireless replaces traditional wired charging is coming soon! #InnovationForEveryone

App Store (2020-10-18 16:08:47) Put your childhood hot rods to the test on the tracks you build in @Hot_Wheels Unlimited. Peel off the line. Tear up the corners. Glide into the finish:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-18 14:00:01) A #GalaxyZFold2 kihajtható kijelzője nagyobb teret ad – kiválóan használható szöveges tartalmakhoz, beszélgetésekhez és játékhoz is. #Samsung

Xiaomi (2020-10-18 12:00:01) We're also giving you a 4820mAh battery on the #Mi10TLite. With regular usage, this should last about 2 days, more than enough to #PowerYourCreativity. ⚡️

App Store (2020-10-17 16:12:13) 🗣 Calling all film buffs! MUBI is an app looking for fans of critically acclaimed cinema. All you have to do is watch. And now you can add a widget that shows the movie—ahem—film of the day on your home screen. Start a screening here:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-17 14:00:01) Több mint 120 otthoni edzésprogrammal felszerelve a #GalaxyWatch3 segít abban, hogy ne maradj mozgás nélkül a szabadidődben. #Samsung

App Store (2020-10-16 21:42:07) RT @AppStoreGames: F1 and NASCAR are back in @realracing 3 🏎. Hit the new Monaco track in the Formula 1® season, or work the NASCAR circui…

HTC (2020-10-16 18:15:49) Join the virtual VIVE XR Suite event happening October 20th to learn how the bundled software solution helps maximize productivity and how XR is redefining enterprises approach to their business. Register today:… #VIVEXRSUITE #HTCVIVE

App Store (2020-10-16 17:21:06) .@PlayCODMobile's 1-year anniversary celebration continues with season 11 and a new Battle Pass. Plus, check out new Halloween themed operators and gear that will get you in the spirit 🎃. Full story here:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-16 14:00:10) Egy akksi, ami csak bírja és bírja és bírja töltéssel. #GalaxyS20FE #Samsung

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-16 10:20:58) Legújabb csúcskészülékeinket és a MOGA kontrollert megvásárlók 3 hónapig ingyenesen játszhatnak az Xbox kínálatában elérhető több mint 100 játékkal.

Telekom HU (2020-10-16 09:23:12) Amiről eddig csak a nagyszülők sztorijaiból hallottál, most végre te is átélheted, digitálisan felújítva és kiszínezve. A legendás 6:3 mérkőzés november 25-én este a Super TV2-n! #végremegteheted #ránkbízhatodmagad

App Store (2020-10-15 21:21:19) Happy 1 year anniversary to @PlayCODMobile! 🎂🥳 Kick off Season 11 by strapping on your gear and storming a map modeled after the most notorious prison in the United States: Alcatraz. Tap below to play in the bay:…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-15 15:00:01) Hogyan válasszunk táblagépet? Melyik számodra a legmegfelelőbb tablet? Mi a különbség a Galaxy Tab A és Galaxy Tab S szériák között? Szakértőink 18 órától online élő adásban segítenek választ adni.

Telekom HU (2020-10-15 14:11:23) 1990. október 15-én kezdte el az analóg, 450 MHz-es rádiótelefon szolgáltatást a Westel, a Telekom elődmárkája. Három évtizeddel később a Telekom már a gigabites sebességű 5G mobilszolgáltatást indította útjára. Nem állunk meg, folyamatosan építjük a Gigaerős Tettek Hálózatát!💪

Samsung Magyarország (2020-10-15 14:00:02) A Távoli hozzáférés lehetővé teszi, hogy vezeték nélkül tükrözd a számítógép képernyőjét a #QLEDTV-n, így otthonod kényelmében is elvégezheted az irodai munkát. #QLED8K #Samsung

Telekom HU (2020-10-15 10:03:46) 30 éve indítottuk a mobilforradalmat Magyarországon.📱 Honnan indult és hova futhat ki a mobiltechnológia? Cikkünkben visszatekintünk az elmúlt időszak digitális fejlesztéseire, és a jövő lehetőségeire! #ránkbízhatodmagad…

Telekom HU (2020-10-15 08:00:07) A digitalizáció segítségével végre te is átélheted, amit eddig csak a nagyszülők sztorijaiból ismertél. És hogy mi is az? Maradj velünk, mert hamarosan kiderül! #végremegteheted

App Store (2020-10-14 19:10:14) Swing your way into Tennis Clash lore! Compete against players from all over the world for a chance to win le trophée de la première place at the City of Lights Open 🇫🇷 Serve up a winner:

HTC (2020-10-14 16:56:47) The @htcvive team partnered with @Dassault3DS to revolutionize the traditional processes of design, manufacturing, and testing with the CATIA Natural Sketch platform—improving collaboration and reducing time to market. See how: #HTCVIVE #HTC

App Store (2020-10-14 16:40:44) Turn your kitchen into a battlefield with AR Tanks. Play solo or with up to four friends, and take on those enemy tanks lurking over by your dishwasher. Set your sights now:

App Store (2020-10-10 16:30:14) Collect characters from iconic pop-culture classics like Jurassic Park and Back to the Future in this new match-3 puzzle @funkopopblitz 🦖 🚙 💥. Start matching:

HTC (2020-10-08 20:27:35) Turn your TV into a Smart TV with the #HTC5GHub. Stream your favorite shows and movies at #5G speeds wirelessly through Chromecast straight to your big screen. *5G Hub available in select markets.

HTC (2020-10-02 23:14:36) Hop into the cockpit and take #StarWarsSquadrons to the next level with the @htcvive #CosmosElite this weekend. #VivePro #HTCVive #StarWars…

HTC (2020-09-30 00:45:45) RT @Viveport: Discover another way of knowing. We’re a proud supporter of Emmy winner Awavena, a film that brings an ancient vision of spir…

HTC (2020-09-30 00:21:01) To elevate training methods for aesthetic injectors, @galderma partnered with @Sector5digital to create an immersive #VR experience that helps students retain information at a higher rate than traditional methods. #HTCVIVE #HTC

HTC (2020-09-25 22:35:55) Keep your home office connected with the HTC 5G Hub! The long-lasting battery, secure VPN, core connectivity for up to 20 devices and 4G/5G compatibility makes sharing presentations, taking classes, and streaming videos easier than ever. #htc5ghub #htc

HTC (2020-09-25 00:08:07) Don't miss the Emmy Award winning VR experience, Awavena on @Viveport! #Awavena…

HTC (2020-09-22 20:52:27) The #VictoriaandAlbertMuseum and #HTCVIVEArts teamed up to bring you a mind-bending tumble down the rabbit hole in Wonderland, a highly anticipated virtual exhibition of Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser. Sign up for the VR event happening on 10.22.20:

HTC (2020-09-17 21:59:55) At home learning can be fun - in VR! With tons of titles to choose from in 16 unique categories, there is something for everyone. See our top picks here: #htc #htcvive #viveport

Vodafone Hungary (2020-09-12 13:11:21) @Legacyboyy1Szia! Amennyiben továbbra is fennakadást tapasztalsz a szolgáltatásban, kérjük, a 1270-es telefonszámon vedd fel a kapcsolatot munkatársainkkal, hogy mielőbb utánanézhessünk, és megoldást találhassunk rá! Üdv: *Gábor

HTC (2020-09-10 22:16:50) The #HTC5GHub raises the standard for working remotely. Easily search, stream, share, and download large files without long wait times anywhere, anytime. Learn more: *Available in select regions #htc #htcvive #5g

HTC (2020-09-08 23:50:01) There have been over 5,000 meetings in #VR since launching #ViveSync! In the latest update you can browse the web, use host controls, and get on-the-go Android support. Learn about these new features and more: #HTCVive

HTC (2020-09-04 19:15:44) Harness #5G speeds while on your weekend adventure with the #HTC5GHub. Where will you be taking yours?

HTC (2020-09-02 20:49:13) Experience 20+ pieces of content from the #VeniceFilmFestival at home! Available now on @Viveport:…