Huawei (2021-01-25 10:21:49) RT @KenHu_Huawei: Industry 4.0 key tech is developing fast, but also widening the gap between the haves & have nots. In the post-pandemic e…

Xiaomi (2021-01-25 10:00:01) OK, help us out here! Which #RedmiNote9T color looks the best? Daybreak Purple or Nightfall Black? 3, 2, 1, name your pick! #ReadySet5G

Huawei (2021-01-25 09:48:27) #Huawei unveils 4 real-world use cases to demonstrate the most innovative wireless connection features of #HarmonyOS, which is compatible with new platforms such as wearables, car screens, tablets & smartphones. #HuaweiFacts

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-25 09:33:41) Cégünk, a memóriatechnológiák nemzetközi szakértője, bemutatja legkeresettebb SATA SSD szériájának legújabb tagját, a 870 EVO SSD modellt

Huawei (2021-01-25 09:28:41) #Huawei enables device users to experience a whole new level of graphics with the launch of Phoenix Engine, which is compatible with #HarmonyOS and uses light-tracking technology to provide the most lifelike imagery imaginable. #HuaweiFacts…

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-24 15:00:01) Az eddigi legfejlettebb egészségfigyelő funkciókkal ellátott #Samsung okosóra segít formában maradni. #GalaxyWatch3

Nokia (2021-01-24 12:07:10) RT @NokiaCareers: Despite the freeze, our colleagues from #Finland kept active and took some amazing photos of our #Espoo, #Oulu and #Tampe…

Xiaomi (2021-01-24 10:00:00) Each #RedmiNote9T device comes with a 5G+5G dual SIM tray, because two is better than one! #ReadySet5G

App Store (2021-01-23 18:13:56) ✅ Yes! It’s hip to be square. Move a cube through a 2D world of bright colors, hopping over obstacles and racing against walls closing in on you—to the sound of sweet electronic jams. Get here, there, and everywhere, now:

App Store (2021-01-23 16:11:45) Keep a closer eye on a variety of health stats with HealthFace’s widgets, which make it easy to view select data on your iPhone’s Home screen 📱. Start monitoring yourself now:

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-23 15:00:01) A #TheSerif TV-t szinte bárhová elhelyezheted, hiszen könnyed, modern kialakításának köszönhetően úgy olvad bele a dekorációba, mintha mindig is a része lett volna. #LifestyleTV #Samsung

Huawei Mobile (2021-01-23 12:30:04) The journey of discovery is the most intriguing aspect of photography.​ “Steet Scenes” shot by Wu Dan from China. #HUAWEINextImage

Xiaomi (2021-01-23 10:00:00) Wanna know how to take the perfect photo like this using #RedmiNote9T? With the 48MP AI triple camera, #RedmiNote9T will allow you to perfectly capture your favorite moments. #ReadySet5G

HTC (2021-01-22 19:37:31) RT @htcvive: Dive in. @pixelreef @CortopiaStudios @SUPERHOTTHEGAME @Fireproof_Games…

App Store (2021-01-22 17:39:50) Become One-Punch Man! 👊 Dress like Saitama 👨🏻‍🦲 with special skins in Free Fire’s newest crossover event with the legendary Japanese comic series. Drop in for a superhero battle now:…

Xiaomi (2021-01-22 15:00:02) The final recap video of 'Mi POP - 24 New Years' is here! See how we celebrated the 2021 New Year with Mi Fans from all over the world. Mi and you, celebrate together!

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-22 15:00:01) A #GalaxyS21 5G és a #GalaxyS21Plus 5G elhozzák az önkifejezés szabadságát. Rendeld elő most, regisztrálj, és ráadásként tiéd lehet egy #GalaxySmartTag és egy #GalaxyBudsLive fülhallgató. Részletek:

Nokia (2021-01-22 13:50:55) Thank you to all the teams who participated in our virtual #NokiaHackathon! Hackathons provide a great way to test the security of our #5G and other systems while engaging with seasoned professionals and emerging talents from across the cybersecurity space.

App Store (2021-01-21 22:25:36) Suit up like medieval royalty! @PUBGMOBILE’s new Royale Pass for Season 17 takes you to the Middle Ages, with outfits full of gems. Get ready to level up your #runicpower 💪.

App Store (2021-01-21 19:28:05) 🗣 Princess Connect! Re: Dive is live 👑✨! Form your guild to battle evil and bring the past to light. Your journey across Astraea starts now @priconne_en:

HTC (2021-01-21 17:42:14) RT @htcvive: Mike Orndorff, Founder and Managing Partner @foundry45 - a developer company that specializes in creating enterprise-level VR…

App Store (2021-01-21 17:42:11) Are you a workout pro or just starting a health kick? Either way, the App Store has apps that can help you achieve your goals this year (and beyond). Explore the fitness app collection:…

Nokia (2021-01-21 16:37:34) We're proud to support iliad Group with our sustainable #5G solutions as they launch their 10 climate pledges to achieve carbon neutrality (net-zero emissions) by 2035. #CSR #Sustainability #SDGs

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-21 16:00:01) Lemaradtál a Galaxy Unpacked eseményünkről? Csatlakozz online élő előadásunkhoz 18 órától, és kísérd figyelemmel, hogy milyen új termékekkel indul az év!

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-21 15:00:01) A #GalaxyS20FE professzionális Hátlapi kamerájával és 32 MP Előlapi kamerájával könnyebb profi felvételeket készíteni. #Samsung

Xiaomi (2021-01-21 15:00:00) Check out this new episode of #MiSteryBOX from @Xiaomify. We asked him to tell us, as a 5G user, what he thinks about #RedmiNote9T #ReadySet5G

Nokia (2021-01-21 12:43:52) We are hosting a virtual hackathon for expert hackers to test and showcase their skills to find security vulnerabilities in the Nokia telecommunication #5G and other systems. Livestream the event here: #NokiaHackathon #Security

Xiaomi (2021-01-21 12:00:00) Let's unleash your inner artist 🎨 Multiply your ideas and turn them into art by using the photo clone feature on #Mi10TPro. #PowerYourCreativity

Nokia (2021-01-21 09:27:09) We've successfully completed live trials of our AI-powered radio access over CMCC’s #5G network. Through #AI and #MachineLearning, a range of network enhancements can be deployed to forecast bandwidth and detect anomalies with greater accuracy.

Nokia (2021-01-21 04:23:21) We are delighted to announce that our super-fast #5G has been chosen by @Optus to enhance the experience of sports and music fans alike at @OptusStadium in Perth, Australia.

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-20 16:40:01) A kiválóságra való törekvés nem áll meg - regisztrálj, és legyél az elsők között, akik értesülnek a legújabb #NeoQLED TV-k érkezéséről. #CES2021 #Samsung

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-20 16:00:00) Csatlakozz online élő előadásunkhoz 18 órától, és ismerd meg a Samsung audió termékeket!

Nokia (2021-01-20 15:05:03) ICYMI, here are some of our latest headlines from the past two weeks. We're proud to be partnering with organizations across the globe, improving networks, supplying #5G products, and supporting digital transformation. Find out more via our newsroom:

Nokia (2021-01-20 12:01:22) We're proud to announce that we have successfully piloted the world's first #4G and #5G Fixed Wireless Access network slicing, alongside Saudi Arabia's @Mobily.

Xiaomi (2021-01-20 12:00:00) How to paint without a brush? 🤔 Use light and #Mi10TPro's long exposure mode to create your own masterpiece! #PowerYourCreativity

Xiaomi (2021-01-20 09:00:02) The era of 5G for everyone has arrived, but do you really know the key differences between 5G and 4G? Check out this new episode of #MiAcademy to learn more! #ReadySet5G

App Store (2021-01-19 19:33:31) Good health starts from the inside, out 🍽. Try this collection of helpful apps that provide healthy eating options through meal planning and recipes:

App Store (2021-01-19 17:49:31) Get the most out of your money 💵💰. If you’ve been seeking guidance on financial budgeting, take a look at these 8 apps for help saving.

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-19 16:00:02) Szeretnél többet megtudni a hatékonyabb mosásról? Csatlakozz online élő előadásunkhoz 18 órától, és ismerd meg szakértőink jól alkalmazható trükkjeit.

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-19 15:00:01) Az Odyssey gaming monitor QLED kijelzője a Quantum Dot technológiájával fényes terekben is éles és tiszta színek megjelenítésére képes. #SamsungMonitor #Samsung

Nokia (2021-01-19 14:06:38) Our Ali Jitawi is a panelist at this event, taking place later this week. Register now:…

Motorola (2021-01-19 14:00:00) Feel your phone respond instantly to every touch, tap, and swipe with #motoe7's octa-core 2.0 GHz processor that won’t slow you down. #LightUpTheNight

Nokia (2021-01-19 12:01:16) We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as the technology provider and collaborator by the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) 5G Cybersecurity Project, to ensure the transition from #4G to #5G networks is secure. @NISTcyber

Xiaomi (2021-01-19 12:00:02) Life is full of surprises, as well as hidden beauty. #Mi10TPro’s leading 108MP AI camera will ensure you never miss these detailed movements again. 😉 #PowerYourCreativity

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-19 11:19:22) A Samsung Health alkalmazás legújabb kiegészítésével, a Csoportos kihívással a felhasználók egy 10 fős egészséges versengést indíthatnak, melynek során összemérhetik a kitartásukat.

Nokia (2021-01-19 09:15:06) For the second year running, our Nassib Abou-Khalil has been named on the @OUTstandingiB's OUTstanding 100 LGBT+ Executives List. The list details executives in business across the globe who are driving the charge for inclusion. You can find the list here:

App Store (2021-01-18 18:47:34) Reflect on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 🕊 Join us in revisiting the work of this Nobel Peace Prize–winning civil rights icon through documentaries, his speeches, and expressions of art. Learn more.

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-18 15:00:02) A #GalaxyS21Ultra 5G új perspektívába helyezi az okoseszközökről alkotott elképzeléseket. Rendeld elő most, regisztrálj, és ráadásként tiéd lehet egy #GalaxySmartTag és egy #GalaxyBudsPro fülhallgató. Részletek:

Xiaomi (2021-01-18 15:00:01) Our theme song for Mi Community is almost done and we want to create a cool music video with you in it! Check out the details below and enter for a chance to win a $200 Xiaomi gift package! #BetterTogether

Xiaomi (2021-01-18 11:57:47) RT @ShouZiChew: "Launch" into the new year and a healthier lifestyle with the #MiWatch and its 17 professional fitness modes!…

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-17 15:00:01) A #GalaxyNote20 különleges megjelenésével kiállja a gyorsan változó trendek próbáját, és az ujjlenyomatokat is távol tartja. #Samsung

Xiaomi (2021-01-17 12:00:00) #ShootLikeAPro: January 2021: Getting Up-Close with Nature A new year, a fresh new start. This month, we celebrate the simple beauty of Mother Nature. Here are some simple top tips and tricks to capture nature with #RedmiNote9T ❤️

App Store (2021-01-16 16:32:58) Teach your robot to bob, weave, and strike in this quirky physics-based brawler (and our Game of the Day) 🤖 Robotics!

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-16 15:00:04) Szintlépés a mindennapokban. Regisztrálj, és értesülj az elsők között a hamarosan érkező #NeoQLED modellek újdonságairól! #CES2021 #Samsung

Xiaomi (2021-01-16 07:00:00) Our #MiSteryBOX host @Tech4All just got his hands on the #RedmiNote9T! What do you think he has to say about this brand new Xiaomi product? #ReadySet5G

Xiaomi (2021-01-16 04:00:01) 🛰️Space ❄️Antarctica 🌊Dean's Blue Hole Where next for our #RedmiNoteSeries extreme challenge? Give us your ideas for a new destination! #LiveForTheChallenge

App Store (2021-01-15 20:38:35) RT @AppStoreGames: ‘Tis it the hour to unfurl thy leggings and wig? Heavenly Peter has escaped 😮🤦‍♂️! Seek him hiding within fine Renaiss…

App Store (2021-01-15 18:45:03) Simply Guitar just upgraded your learning experience with its latest update 🎸🎶. Play tunes and chords with the help of more than 10 additional languages, a new chord trainer, and features optimized for iOS 14.

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-15 15:00:01) A #GalaxyWatch3 Titanium változata egyszerre ötvözi az okosórák legjobb tulajdonságait és a prémium anyaghasználatot. #Samsung

Xiaomi (2021-01-15 11:19:25)

HTC (2021-01-15 02:20:16) A new smartphone is coming to Taiwan - Introducing the HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G, the first in the Desire series with blazing fast 5G! The Desire 21 Pro 5G is a stylish device running on the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 690, has a generous screen, and more.

App Store (2021-01-14 20:17:42) Turn your fitness routine into...a game 🤔😯! With Sweat Deck you can customize a set of cards, assign each one to a specific workout, and then exercise with the help of onscreen animations. So pick a card, any card.

App Store (2021-01-14 18:24:54) We have just the collection of apps to help upgrade and refresh your WFH toolkit. Schedule, connect, and collaborate.

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-14 16:41:35) Cégünk és a neves művész, Rankin vállalatunk új Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G csúcsmobiljával készített fotósorozatot mutatott be.

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-14 16:17:19) Tárolj megannyi nagy felbontású fotót és videót az akár 512 GB beépített memóriával. #GalaxyS21Ultra #SamsungUnpacked

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-14 16:12:56) Cégünk legújabb csúcskészülékei, a Galaxy S21 5G és a Galaxy S21+ 5G elhozzák az önkifejezés szabadságát.

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-14 16:12:10) Bemutatjuk a Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G csúcstelefont, amely új szintre emeli az okoseszközökről alkotott elképzeléseket.

Samsung Magyarország (2021-01-14 16:10:17) Az első S Pen, amely a Galaxy S sorozat számára készült. #GalaxyS21Ultra #SamsungUnpacked

Xiaomi (2021-01-14 15:50:00) Capture every precious moment of your greatest adventures with our #RedmiNote9Series! #LiveForTheChallenge

Xiaomi (2021-01-14 13:34:09) #LiveForTheChallenge isn't just a slogan. It's a way of life. Check out how world-renowned freediver @WillTrubridge and our Mi Fan Jerónimo Rubio embraced the spirit of living for the challenge with our #RedmiNote9Series!

Xiaomi (2021-01-14 11:46:11) Worried about 5G network power consumption? When you have a 5,000mAh large battery and 18W fast charge, there's no need to worry! #RedmiNote9T #ReadySet5G

App Store (2021-01-13 20:27:22) Fit in a quick workout between those long video calls with Wakeout! 💪👊💥. More than just the App of the Year, it’s an easy way to keep yourself energized throughout the day, without the hassle of equipment. Try a new exercise:

App Store (2021-01-13 17:31:59) Learning a new language can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. This unique collection of apps, made for different types of learners, helps you pick up your next language on your terms. So... ¿Qué idioma aprenderás a continuación?…

Xiaomi (2021-01-13 15:59:00) Are you a fan of movies? Enjoy the 6.53'' FHD+ DotDisplay and Dual Speakers of #RedmiNote9T! #ReadySet5G

Xiaomi (2021-01-13 13:00:02) Do you want to add peace of mind to your life? Check out our #Mi360HomeSecurityCamera2KPro.😉 #Security #SmartLifeMadeSimple

App Store (2021-01-13 02:37:14) Meet the hard-working, knowledgeable envoy of Liyue: Ganyu! Unlock this 5-star Cryo archer in @GenshinImpact's latest release.

HTC (2021-01-12 23:49:18) RT @htcvive: Continuing our series on sourcing funding for developers, we talked with Jakub Matuszczak, COO of @GamedustTT about the specif…

App Store (2021-01-12 17:33:04) Meditation and self-care apps can help you relax—and they really work. (We know. We’re using them.) Here’s a collection to calm your mind and soothe your body:

HTC (2021-01-05 23:17:50) RT @Viveport: Made a New Year’s resolution to get moving? Start with a session of #AUDICA from @Harmonix, now part of #ViveportInfinity. ht…

App Store (2021-01-04 16:06:46) Kick the year off strong by building a happier, healthier you with help from the best health and fitness apps on the App Store. Find what works for you and start feeling better:…

App Store (2021-01-03 17:01:41) Take a trip down memory lane in The Game of Life 🚘💼🏢. With new twists like playing aboard a rocket ship, or changing your surroundings to a pirate’s cove, it’s just as fun as the original, but now offers up exciting surprises.

HTC (2020-12-31 18:30:40) Here's to a new year, new experiences, and new worlds to explore. Happy New Year from HTC!

HTC (2020-12-24 19:02:37) Happy Holidays! from everyone at HTC. We hope your holiday season is festive and bright, and we can't wait to see you all in the new year!

HTC (2020-12-23 21:23:22) RT @htcvive: HTC VIVE Cosmos is a great way to get the whole family into VR this holiday season. Check out this video our friends at @Cyber…

HTC (2020-12-22 23:48:20) RT @htcvive: Part of #HTCViveArts' mission is to foster the creativity of artists in new mediums. Check out @CaiGuoQiang's first VR artwork…

HTC (2020-12-21 20:25:28) RT @htcvive: We're committed to fostering the growth of VR education, & are proud to announce our partnership with Taiwan's National Dong H…