App Store (2020-07-29 17:15:11) You don’t need fancy equipment to get a good sweat going. Try one of these apps for a bunch of exercise routines you can pull off right at home.

App Store (2020-07-22 22:15:17) Not sure if that sofa will work in your living room? Use these augmented reality apps to see how new furniture looks in your home before placing an order.…

HTC (2020-07-08 22:23:10) Did you know the #HTC5GHub doubles as a portable gaming console? Just connect to your TV and a Bluetooth gaming pad, download your favorite game (at the speed of light) and press play! #HTC #5G

HTC (2020-07-01 16:52:31) The #HTC #Desire20Pro, featuring 5 pro-level cameras and a 5,000 mAh battery, is now available to purchase in Taiwan! For full product details visit:…

App Store (2020-08-05 18:13:25) ICYMI: Landscape mode has arrived in @mariokarttourEN! Discover a whole new control layout:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:49:17) Különleges okostelefon, amely összehajtva egy kézzel is kényelmesen használható, kinyitva pedig egy tablethez hasonló kijelzőt formál. #GalaxyZFold2 Tudj meg többet:…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:42:07) A telefon, amivel formálhatjuk a jövőt. #GalaxyZFold2 Tudj meg többet:…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:39:58) Kifinomult színek egy merész jövőért. #GalaxyZFold2 Tudj meg többet:…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:34:53) A Galaxy Unpacked eseményünkön mutattuk be a Galaxy Watch3 okosórát és a Galaxy Buds Live fülhallgatót.

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:28:10) A Dél-Koreából közvetített online Samsung Galaxy Unpacked eseményünkön öt új készüléket mutatott be vállalatunk, amelyek a felhasználók megbízható társai lehetnek a legkülönbözőbb élethelyzetekben.

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:24:57) Vedd kezedbe az egészséged irányítását! #GalaxyWatch3 Tudj meg többet:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:22:20) A szép és az okos találkozása. #GalaxyWatch3 Tudj meg többet:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:20:05) Zene füleidnek, minden pillanatban. Íme a #GalaxyBudsLive. Tudj meg többet:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:14:22) Ragadd meg a pillanatot az eddigi legnagyobb felbontásban. #GalaxyNote20 Tudj meg többet:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:07:02) Engedd szabadjára a mobilos applikációkat PC-n is, hogy még hatékonyabb lehess! #GalaxyNote20 @Windows Tudj meg többet:…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:04:32) A külső, ami nemcsak strapabíró, de stílusos is. #GalaxyTabS7 Tudj meg többet:…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 15:02:00) Az eddigi legfejlettebb kijelzőnk tableten, a magával ragadó élményért. #GalaxyTabS7 Tudj meg többet:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 14:55:48) Akár egy valódi toll, és mégis több. #GalaxyNote20 Tudj meg többet:…

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-05 14:53:15) Prémium színek, amelyek egyszerre kortalanok és trendik. #GalaxyNote20 Tudj meg többet:…

Nokia (2020-08-05 09:01:39) We're very proud to be part of this news from @TMobile, launching the world's first commercial #5G standalone network - a huge milestone for our industry. #5GForAll…

HTC (2020-06-30 22:22:32) #VR is a great way to make at-home workouts fun. Get fit with #VIVECosmos and @Viveport, where you can try hundreds of apps that will get your blood pumping and body moving. #HTC #HTCVive #HTCViveCosmos #CosmosElite

App Store (2020-07-28 20:16:56) Exercise your creativity, expand your home decor with in-game brands, and win amazing prizes in Design Home’s new France & Son update. Welcome home:

App Store (2020-07-28 17:44:57) Stream Black culture from creators across the African diaspora ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽. @kweliTV brings curated content from around the globe directly to you! Watch world documentaries, movies, series, kids’ shows, and news wherever you are.

HTC (2020-07-21 21:42:16) Get a full body workout in #VR from the comfort of home. #ViveCosmos #CosmosElite…

HTC (2020-07-14 18:30:32) #ElevateXR, a new workplace safety program released by @htcvive, places employees in realistic, high-risk environments and teaches them how to react faster to potential hazards. Available now in the US - learn more: #htc #htcvive

HTC (2020-08-11 21:23:39) With the @Logitech #VR Ink stylus, product designers can bring to life their wildest dreams with 3D CAD drawings anywhere, anytime. Learn more: #HTCVive #HTC

Apple Support (2020-08-11 19:00:22) Personalize your work with narration, interviews, or even sound effects. Here’s how to add audio to a project in Pages:

App Store (2020-08-11 16:32:54) Need a game that’s right up your alley? Knock ’em down and compete in real time against other bowlers—right on your iPhone in 3D. Your turn is up, so you better get your roll on.

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 16:29:33) RT @DxOMark: Xiaomi #Mi10Ultra key rear camera specs. Read the full #DXOMARK review:

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 16:06:24) RT @aggasaurus: Mi 10 Ultra press release is up 😍…

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 16:01:00) Here are some street photos that might inspire you to give it your best shot on your next walk around town. Check out #ShotByMi 2020 Episode 2: Street Life:…

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:35:07) In the next decade, Xiaomi will keep full steam ahead with our commitment to provide #InnovationForEveryone! #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:29:15) Our 10th Anniversary marks a new beginning, a renewal of our drive to carry our dreams to infinity. #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:24:41) We will evaluate all the things in view of 10 years, and do something that will value in the long-term. In the meantime, we will keep a prudent strategy. #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:23:57) We believe in the power of the internet and its approaches. We will continue to empower manufacturing with the internet. #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:23:29) It's been a decade. But it's always been Day 1 at the same time. #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:20:25) #MiTVLUX Transparent Edition is our pursuit of making the coolest product ever and the vision to become the coolest company in our customers' hearts. #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:19:02) #RedmiK30Ultra represents the utmost sincerity of placing customers at the center of everything we do and offering our products at the most accessible price points. #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:17:43) #Mi10Ultra represents the attitude we have been adhering to since 10 years ago, to bring everyone the most innovative technologies. #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:16:38) These new products are more than innovations. They are also our manifesto for the next decade. #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:10:24) All For Performance, Ninebot #GoKartPro Lamborghini Edition #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 14:09:41) In the mood for a race? Ninebot #GoKartPro Lamborghini Edition #From10ToInfinity

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-11 14:00:26) A #GalaxyS20 Okos Felvétel funkciójával egyszerre akár 10 fényképet és 4 videót is rögzíthetsz, hogy aztán kiválaszthasd közülük a pillanatnak leginkább megfelelő formátumot. #KülönlegesHétköznapok #withGalaxy #Samsung

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 13:57:28) Visually amazing and powerfully amazing. #MiTVLUX #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 13:56:39) What you see is what you get. #MiTVLUXTransparentEdition #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 13:54:38) #MiTVLUX Transparent Edition, bring the future closer to your eyes. #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 13:51:27) Pushing everything a little further. Introducing you #RedmiK30Ultra. #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 13:39:39) 120X, 120W, and 120Hz. Ultra at every aspect. #Mi10Ultra #From10ToInfinity

Xiaomi (2020-08-11 13:38:50) #Mi10Ultra, NEW TOP CAMERA SCORE! ☑️ Score of 130 💯 ☑️ Camera No.1 💯 ☑️ Photo No.1 💯 ☑️ Video No.1 💯…

Huawei Mobile (2020-08-11 13:34:13) Use Golden Snap's AI Best Moment feature for those instances that happen in the blink of an eye 👀 Never miss another fleeting photo again! #HUAWEIP40 #VisionaryPhotography Check out how to use it here:

Huawei (2020-08-11 12:40:54) RT @HuaweiUSA: Unlocking your device like never before. #SmartLife #Innovation

Huawei (2020-08-11 12:12:52) As the world’s largest smartphone seller by volume in Q2 2020, #Huawei jumps from 61st ➡ 49th place in this year's Fortune Global 500 ranking, making the top 50 for the first time. #HuaweiFacts

Huawei (2020-08-11 10:00:15) How is technology ensuring that #AmurTigers have a future? Check out the infographic below & learn more about #Huawei’s conservation efforts here: #TECH4ALL

Nokia (2020-08-11 09:01:27) We are proud to be behind the core of the world’s networks: the #IP / #Optical Networks heart that keeps it all flowing. #NetworksKeepUsGoing

Huawei (2020-08-11 06:51:28) One day, a group of doctors visited #Huawei’s Ox Horn Campus. Can you guess what impressed them the most there? #InsightsOutside #WhoAreWe

Huawei (2020-08-11 05:56:09) RT @HuaweiMobile: Getting in the way of your own shot? 🐠🤔 Use Golden Snap's AI Remove Reflection to flawlessly capture what’s behind the gl…

Nokia (2020-08-04 08:22:17) We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been selected by Taiwanese mobile operator Asia Pacific Telecom as the sole vendor for #5G. The exclusive deal covers both 5G RAN and core.

App Store (2020-07-30 22:46:32) RT @AppStoreGames: Welcome to Spirit Blossom, Legends of Runeterra’s first major in-game event. Find exclusive and time-limited content,…

HTC (2020-07-30 19:53:01) We're excited to bring #VR to more arcade locations around the globe in coming years. #htc #htcvive…

App Store (2020-07-30 18:28:52) With the @NBA restart finally upon us, you can watch games anywhere with the NBA App. Stream games live and see which team will emerge as champion this season:

HTC (2020-07-23 20:45:37) The #HTC5GHub supports up to 20 devices, streams 4K video with ease, and unlocks access to the rapid #5G speeds of the future. *Available in select markets #HTC

HTC (2020-07-02 22:56:41) .@TobiiTechnology breaks down the benefits of foveated rendering and eye-tracking technology featured in the @htcvive Pro Eye in their latest white paper here: #HTCViveProEye #HTC #HTCVive

App Store (2020-08-06 20:00:46) RT @AppStoreGames: Revisit an iconic World of Warcraft setting in Scholomance Academy, @PlayHearthstone's new update with card, weapon, and…

HTC (2020-08-06 18:41:33) Make remote meetings more efficient using the shared space app, #ViveSync. Host design reviews on location, bring participants into an #XR collaboration, or even dive into a full #VR environment. Learn more: #HTCVive #HTC

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-06 14:00:11) A Google alkalmazások előretelepítve érkeznek a #GalaxyA szérián is, hogy azonnal élvezhesd az Android által nyújtott előnyöket. #GalaxyA71 #Samsung

Nokia (2020-08-06 02:30:04) Experience pure design, pure performance in all new dimensions. Presenting the Nokia Smart TV with Sound by JBL, available now in 65" in India for Rs. 64,999. Sale starts today on @Flipkart: #NokiaSmartTV

App Store (2020-07-26 16:45:48) In any group of friends, competitions can get...competitive. (In a good way. Usually.) Gamify contests within your circle with leaderboards that show who’s winning at any time. See who will Rule the Roost now:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-09 14:00:01) Szupergyors, nagy tárolókapacitású és megbízható - íme az új, 8 TB-os 870 QVO SSD. #SamsungSSD

Nokia (2020-08-09 07:27:25) Creating the technologies of the future, transforming industries and boosting economies, with the potential to make lives better and our planet more sustainable. Read more about our new CEO @PekkaLundmark’s vision: #5G #industry40 #IR4

App Store (2020-08-02 16:54:09) Film in slow-motion to give your videos a vintage vibe, or change to the filmmaker-designed filter of your choice—even after shooting.

Nokia (2020-08-02 02:30:04) Experience pure design, pure performance in an all-new Nokia Smart TV, now available in 65" in India for Rs. 64,999. Sale starts on 6 August on @Flipkart. Stay tuned:

App Store (2020-07-25 16:46:52) Warm up a room or your social feeds using conversation topics from Smalk—there are over 2,000 to choose from. Check out the app’s icebreakers today:

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-08 14:00:15) Itt az ideje megörökíteni és megmutatni az emlékezetes trükköket szuper felbontásban, #QLED8K TV-n! #QLEDTV #GalaxyS20 #Samsung

Vodafone Hungary (2020-08-01 14:02:33) @NurkenAssylkha1Hello! We would like to apologize for this information because only on weekdays you can terminate the contract through telephone. Thank you for your understanding!

Nokia (2020-08-01 06:47:53) RT @nokianetworks: Our @tommiuitto shares his thoughts on the incredible progress we have made to strengthen our Mobile Networks business a…

App Store (2020-08-01 01:06:48) RT @AppStoreGames: Make your way down into the darkness with nothing but your Gunboots—yes, boots that shoot—to protect you in this 8-bit d…

HTC (2020-06-29 22:10:08) Congratulations to our partners at @penumbrainc for winning a @core77 Design Award and continuing to push #VR solutions forward in the health and wellness industry. #htc #htcvive…

HTC (2020-08-10 23:37:37) With companies using #VR technology more than ever before, we wanted to know what challenges developers are facing while building the apps of the future. From hardware to monetization, these are 4 of the biggest key takeaways. #HTCVIVE #HTC #EnterpriseVR

App Store (2020-08-10 21:01:35) What do 🦈, 🌅, and @selenagomez have in common? You can find all of them in the Essential Apps for this week.

Motorola (2020-08-10 15:24:59) Say ❌ to selfie sticks! With an ultra-wide-angle selfie lens, get 4X more of your shot in the frame. #motog5Gplus

Huawei Mobile (2020-08-10 14:17:14) Getting in the way of your own shot? 🐠🤔 Use Golden Snap's AI Remove Reflection to flawlessly capture what’s behind the glass, reflection-free! #HUAWEIP40 #VisionaryPhotography

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-10 14:00:02) Prémium színek, trendi kialakítás - rendeld elő az új #GalaxyNote20 széria készülékeit, regisztrálj, és ráadásként tiéd lehet egy Galaxy fülhallgató. #Samsung

Nokia (2020-08-10 13:46:33)…

HTC (2020-08-03 21:37:00) Rethink how you get fit at home with VR titles that'll keep you moving while having fun. #HTCVIVE #HTC…

Nokia (2020-08-03 11:22:51) Our new CEO @PekkaLundmark on how Nokia can change the world for the better by harnessing the power of #5G technology. Read his blog: #industry40 #41R…

Nokia (2020-08-03 05:45:42) We are very excited to welcome Pekka Lundmark as our new CEO and President today. He is returning to lead Nokia at an important time for our industry. Follow him on Twitter @PekkaLundmark. #TeamNokia #leadership

HTC (2020-07-31 23:08:20) Still unsure what a #Bitcoin smartphone is? The @htcexodus combines the usability of the smartphone and the security of a #crypto hardware wallet, revolutionizing how to access #Bitcoin. Learn more:

App Store (2020-07-31 20:55:00) RT @AppleArcade: Family man. Monster slayer. Check out the new Grindstone update featuring the Daily Grind, with challenges using randomiz…

App Store (2020-07-31 17:42:42) Start August off on the right foot with the help of these apps.

App Store (2020-07-24 17:15:52) Weekends are already good, but they can always get better with the right app. Check these ones.

HTC (2020-07-17 19:58:55) Harness #5G speeds for home entertainment, business, and everything in between with the #HTC5GHub. Learn more:

HTC (2020-07-10 16:50:22) Bring the security of a Swiss bank to your pocket. Learn more about the #HTCExodus1 cryptophone at #htc…

HTC (2020-07-03 16:35:00) View the #MonaLisa exhibit at @MuseeLourve from a whole new perspective in #VR. Available now on @Viveport. #HTCVive #HTCViveArts @ArchDigest

App Store (2020-08-07 18:57:15) The @ChampionsLeague is now on CBS All Access! Livestream games from anywhere and watch teams like @FCBarcelona, @ManCity, @ChelseaFC, and @realmadriden. Kick it off ⚽️:

App Store (2020-08-07 17:30:07) Need help figuring out the basics? Need new recipes? SideChef is your new sous chef, serving up vegan, keto, and gluten-free meals—plus pretty much every other diet. Check it out:

App Store (2020-08-07 16:16:20) Weekend to-do list: ✅ Watch on @CBSAllAccess if Brooks Koepka can win the @PGAChampionship for the third straight year. ✅ Check out amazing apps that can help make your weekend better. Accomplish both things here:…

Nokia (2020-08-07 14:05:50) Nokia Italy has signed a MoU with the Ministry of University and Research in a shared commitment to promote research into advanced transport for telecommunications and related services based on #machinelearning and #AI.

Samsung Magyarország (2020-08-07 14:00:08) A Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 108 MP-es kamerájával a hétköznapi pillanatok részleteiben is felfedezheted az izgalmakat. #KülönlegesHétköznapok #withGalaxy #GalaxyS20 #Samsung